The goal of every ministry at VVBC is to point people to Jesus Christ, and the goal for every faithful believer is to be involved in ministry.  If you stay at VVBC long enough, you will be busy serving in an existing ministry or helping to start a new and needed ministry.

Sunday School

VVBC hosts Sunday School classes for all ages including, nursery, children, teens, and adults.  Our text is the Bible, and our goal is to train future teachers and servants for Christ through the classes.  Jesus wants everyone who knows Him to be sharing what they know with others.


The truths preached from the pulpit of VVBC come from the King James Bible, are preached in love, and will be a help to all who will hear.


VVBC supports missionaries on a monthly basis for the purpose of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.


The nursery of VVBC is clean, safe, comfortable, and professionally staffed.

Van/Bus Ministry

We staff and support buses and vans which pick up folks for church each Sunday morning. We are actively seeking additional vehicles and staff to expand this ministry.

Nursing Homes

VVBC conducts Gospel-preaching services in nursing facilities. This is another area of unlimited potential for outreach.